Working Experiences

Gizbar CapitalJan 21 -
Blockchain Solutions LimitedDec 15 - Feb 20
Blockchain Luxembourg S.A.Jan 17 - Dec 17
Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange (BitMEX)Aug 15 - Aug 17
Translator, Research Assistant
NISI.hkMar 16 - Jul 16
Freelance website designer LimitedMay 15 - Aug 15
Intern Engineer


Better solutions, one line at a time

Bitcoin Swap Market Making Algo

Providing Liquidity, Discovering Markets

Providing consistant and competitive bid/ask quote to the market 24 hours a day. Contributes more than 0.4% of the market on average. Contact me directly to learn more.

Know a Bit More

Cost effective interactive advertising
2013 (Terminated)

Advertising and Faucets are one of the most common businesses in the Bitcoin space. While having users to type Captcha is just a waste of time. Even more, no one could really monetize on Captcha. Know a Bit More aims to monetize every click and second of the visitors.

By replacing Captcha to question related to advertiser's website. Users will be engaged to learn more about the website instead of wasting time to decode the scribbly Captcha. Users are paid and advertisers received living visitors instead of zombies in front of the computer. Now that's a win win solution, proven with thousands of pageviews.

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Moobot / Moochat

Artificial intelligent bot. Sublime chat experience.
2013 (Terminated)

Moobot is an interactive chat room bot aims to enhance the chat experience for Coinchat (Terminated third-party chat room). Its artificial intelligence provides users human-like response. Features listed as below
  • Luck-based game with chat room token
  • Mass chat room token tipping
  • Currency unit conversion
  • Bitcoin Price Ticker
  • Multimedia searching
  • AI response and jokes

Sometime plaintext chat room is just too plain. MooClient provided an intuitive interface, useful functions to users. Typical IRC channels have plenty of commands while no one really remembers it. MooClient's function list lets user easily navigate through functions without hassle, even on mobile. Furthermore, with multi-room chat and media frames. MooClient is simply chat room, redefined.

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iPad Simulator

Bringing premium experience to browser

iPad is one of the hottest gadgets in 2011-2012. While not every one is financially able to grab one, the iPad Simulator brings it on to everyone's Chrome browser. Users could save their profiles with various personal settings. Install web-apps like Groveshark, Simplenote, Plants vs Zombies and more. You can even run multiple task at once. With the -webkit-speech feature embedded in Chrome browser, users can even simulate using Siri.

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The Bitcoin portal for Hong Kong is the one-stop Bitcoin information portal for Hong Kong. Providing useful information such as local communities and shops, realtime Bitcoin vending machine prices and its location, aggregated order book with advanced filters and charts.

With the aim of bringing local communities into the Bitcoin space, we provide both Chinese and English for visitors. So as the ability to submit modification to the community map, bringing information to user in an organized and intuitive way.



User Interface Revamp

School work


Certificates verification made easy

CertOnChain, originally as, is the final year project of HKUST Computer Science Bachelor Degree. Verifying the authenticity of what people claim they qualify on professional social media website like LinkedIn is difficult. CertOnChain allows institutions to issue certificates on the Ethereum blockchain, and users could claim and display their certificates on their personal profile. Employers and hiring managers could now be sure about the authenticity of what people claim.

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Music from the future stars

Novatune is a project initiated by school, where students create solution on existing issues. Novatune attempts to solve the problem of undiscovered music composers. By providing a platform for them to upload music, combining with features such as social sharing and album discovery, their tunes could reach more audience and get viral. User could also donate to respective composers on Novatune with Flattr and Donate button to create a sustainable creative common economy.

With the intuitive interface and powerful music and meta data search engine, users could easily discover and enjoy music with ease.