Code and Coin

I am Casper Cheng, a 17 year-old coder living in Hong Kong (Currently 27 y/o). Started designing webpages since grade 5, I specialize in Webpage design and web app composition. Common languages that involve in my projects include HTML, Javascript, CSS, PHP and MySQL.
I believe that coding is one of the most efficient ways to solve existing problems. Often do I treat coding as an interest and solve problems that I see existing with it. Not only is it rewarding, I can learn new coding techniques every time.

Bitcoin is an intriguing invention that I discovered in 2013, it transforms the concept of transferring purchasing power online without trusting a third-party. This mesmerized me on the power of technology and it opens up a new space for me to invent. Since then, I devoted more time on discovering opportunities and introducing newcomers to the space.
The free flow of money also enabled me to venture towards the financial world of Bitcoin. Although by its nature is a deflationary currency (commodity), I've been able to attain stable growth by diversifying my investment.